Making the case for Roll & Move Talisman & Titan

Author: Matthew Aebersold
Posted On: 02-09-16

Talisman & Titan

I've been reading, watching reviews, and following the major players in the industry for some time now. I'm bothered by the consensus that roll and move games are somehow inferior and old compared to their modern successors. I consider myself a pretty major table top game enthusiast, and some of my favorite games are roll and move. In particular, Talisman and Titan.

The criticisms of roll and move are not that strong in my opinion, like the fact that you can't predict or control your movements. In terms of Talisman/Titan, you can absolutely control and predict your movements, just not 100% of the time and not accurately. You need to think more long-term, and account for variables. You can't get to the exact space you want when you want to go there, but you can increase the probability of doing so with smart choices, a little luck, and patience.

In the case of both Talisman and Titan, you get to choose from more than 1 option for your destination. Titan has forks in the road, and Talisman has left or right movement choices. Both of these things greatly increase your ability to move in the directions you want to go. So to say that it's completely out of your control is uneducated and in my opinion, just wrong.

Also, you have to go into games like this accepting some level of fate and luck. People don't have a problem with the fate of the dice in combat situations, but for some reason have big problems with it in terms of movement? I personally like the luck aspect. It levels the playing field and allows everyone a good shot at winning. No matter what people superstitiously say, the dice are agnostic and they don't favor anyone, which is why they are such a good mechanic for a game.

Finally, you have to accept that these games are more casual, and not an epic D&D campaign. I've struggled to get friends together to play Twilight Imperium and multi-session D&D or Descentcampaigns, but I have no problem getting people to sit down and enjoy a light strategy roll & move game, and they love it.

I know this sounds rant-y, but I'm trying to say that these games deserve a lot more love and play than they get. They are absolutely not just 'monopoly with a fantasy skin' they are some of the best gaming experiences out there.